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DocuCentre – II 3005/2055/2005

Fuji Xerox DocuCentre – II 3005/2055/2005


Fitur dari Fuji Xerox DocuCenter II 3005/2055/2005 adalah sebagai berikut:


Features DocuCenter II 3005/2055/2005

High resolution of 1200 x 1200 dpi in full speed

  • Without speed down customers can enjoy high quality print. This is the best in same engine speed band products in the market.

Fast FCOT (First Copy Output time)

  • With quick warm-up time (15seconds), Fast FCOT (4.3seconds) is key factor to decide productivity in customer’s daily office work.
    DocuCentre-II 3005/2055/2005 is the best product in terms of FCOT & warm-up time in same band products.

Diverse security features

    • HDD Security : Leakage prevention by image overwrite technology.
      • R&D Department, Security sensitive government agency…customer can remove their old machine or change to new machine without any concern of critical information leakage.


    • Print Security : Secure print, private charge print, secure IPP print, User ID print, Setting of Printer lockout duration
      • These features will keep customer’s critical information from mixed up with other’s or loss. Also customers can track out who did print.


    • Copy Security
      • By using XSA (Xerox Standard Accounting) and Auditron features, customer can prohibit unauthorized person’s copy


    • Scan Security
      • By using password encryption technology, customers can store and share the scanned document in safe.


    • Fax Security
      • Mailbox print feature will be a good solution for a person who don’t want to show his/her randomly incoming fax to 3rd parties.
      • Destination restriction will prevent mis-transmission caused by human error.


Enhance Fax features

    • Paperless fax sending & Receiving
      • PS driver as well as PCL driver can be used to send fax from customer’s PC.By using mailbox and JobFlow feature, a received fax can be transferred to customer’s PC or Server by directly or by e-mail.
        This is one of cost-effective features.


    • Auto Fax Re-send
      • This handy feature allows customers to save documents that did not go through when faxed, without deleting them.


  • Enables linkage to 3rd Party Fax Server application
    • Customers who are using 3rd Party’s fax server system can enjoy easy linkage between current fax server and DocuCentre-II 3005/2055/2005 without any additional installation of fax option and telephone line.
      It means customers can enjoy rich features of current fax server without additional investment and moreover they can enjoy synergy effect with DocuCentre-II 3005/2055/2005

Enhanced convenient features

    • Easy ID Card copy feature
      • ID Card copying allows customers to copy both the front and the back of ID card onto the same side of the paper without re-loading the same piece of paper into the tray.


  • Priority interruption for urgent print jobs
    • With this handy feature, customers can momentarily interrupt continuous copy jobs to process their urgent print jobs.
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